1. Hello Filip,
    Thank you for the video! you mentioned that the webclient package is available only with Nuget so if I want to use it I'll need to create first the shared library project in visual studio, and them come to xamarin studio for the rest?

  2. Hi Fillip,
    This is videp for rest API which is very help. Can you add some example of retrieveing WCF data (JSON array or object) across Android and iOS in Xamarin for Visual studio. Documentation has Consuming WCF service but I am looking for displaying JSON  data in List View in Android.

  3. Hi Filip,

    This video is for get method of rest api. What id=f we want to add some records like OUT or POST method of web api.  Basically want to retrieve data from SQL database I have created web api with >NEt entity framework. I want use this apoi across all platform. This web api has GET,POSTand PUT method . I would appreciate if you add some videos on how to do that as a cross platform application.

  4. hey man ,awesome work. need a clarification. created a form and did the codes for the buttons i placed . now i created a button called NEXT in the first page. by clicking the next button , i would like to move on to page1 to page2. what will be the INTENT code?

  5. 21:30 "There is no back button on the top because you have the hardware buttons."

    No no no, you still need the up affordance in the actionbar/toolbar. Up and Back are not the same. How else can the user know they can go "back"?.

    Up affordance shows the user you can go up one screen in the apps hierarchy.

    The hardware back button will navigate the history of the users previously viewed screens at an operating system level.

    Please see "Navigation with Back and Up" in the Android Developers Design Guide.

    Your comment about Intents was questionable also. Shared resources is really not a good way to pass resources around activities for what should be obvious reasons.

    Other than these issues good overview.

  6. Hi Filip, one of the main things i constantly see missing is that just about any developer that is building anything data oriented is that there needs to be a good tutorial on exactly how to create a simple REST api for SQL Server, then the code to access the data using CRUD from Xamarin.Forms AND Xamarin.Android. Seems everyone is dancing around the bulls eye but no one is hitting it dead center.

  7. How similar is the process of consuming an ASP.NET Web service/api in Xamarin (or just C#) versus RESTful? I'm not having much luck when trying to add a "Web reference" to my PCL shared project :/

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