X Plane plugins and addons: External moving Map (google Maps)

Today’s video looks a little X-plane plugin that helps to track your flight on a Web browser session on your PC, or another laptop or tablet on your local network. all overlaid on google Maps. Track speed,direction and altitude. great for VFR flying.




  1. Doesn't work on my iMac with xp11pb9 πŸ˜ͺ The map is solid blue and an error-message sais "no connection to server". The network settings are like those in the Video.
    For a better understanding: the map-window shows
    Port 8000 is normally used for proxy-servers. Or is there a webserver installed?

  2. Can someone please clarify what IP address should be inserted? When I clicked on "Send Network data output" the IP address was already inserted but was not I assume the IP address shown was the address being used by my PC? Do I need to change this (to or leave as is? Dumb question I know but zero networking experience πŸ™

  3. Hey nice vid but i have a little problem i can get the map to work but i get a red flashing box saying (No plane detected; Please check x planes network and internet settings) I know nothing about networking so i probably have something wrong in settings but i cant figure out what it is. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks

  4. Thanks for the video. And congrats to the author, this is a great app. Keep in mind, though, that if you're running the java map server on a computer different from the one running xplane, then the IP field in xplane must point to THAT computer (say, 192.168.x.x) and NOT (which would be pointing to itself). I was following the instructions literally andΒ getting the "no planes were detected" error message on my tablet until I realized this small detail.

  5. What I can't understand is you guys make all these beautiful videos with the mind of wanting to help people yet when they ask for help you ignore them…what is the point?

  6. yes please its possible one machine and 2 screens please let me know when you can do this or text me on 07944009515 i will be so glad i have spent hours and hours but still cant do anything

  7. Having a standard google map is fun but not very useful to pilots. Is it possible to load a VFR sectional chart or a low alt IFR chart instead?

  8. Nice Vid ….. I"m running the app on a computer different than XP Rig, Under XAVION or FLYQ I assigned the Client IP address 192.168.x.x and XP assigned the port 48002. X Plane plugins and addons : External moving Map the apps & I get the res Box with an error message : "there seems to be an issue with the scrip, is it still running" and this is as fare as I went

    any ideas ???

  9. Hello ! Worked great on the first strike (did everything exactly like the instructions.txt)
    — but since the next day I allways get:
    Started listening to X-Plane
    java.net.BindException: Die Adresse wird bereits verwendet (Bind failed)
    at java.net.PlainDatagramSocketImpl.bind0(Native Method)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainDatagramSocketImpl.bind(AbstractPlainDatagramSocketImpl.java:93)
    at java.net.DatagramSocket.bind(DatagramSocket.java:392)
    at java.net.DatagramSocket.<init>(DatagramSocket.java:242)
    at java.net.DatagramSocket.<init>(DatagramSocket.java:299)
    at java.net.DatagramSocket.<init>(DatagramSocket.java:271)
    at net.fouc.XPlaneMap.UDPListener.run(UDPListener.java:18)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
    …… the (google-) map opens but says "…. no plane…."……
    I have (as far as I know) no other JAVA applets running
    (Ubuntu 17.04 / X-Plane 11.05)
    Thanks for any help

  10. Great video and thanks for the tip. But it doesn't change the fact that X-Plane version 11 still doesn't allow for realistically simulation of VFR flight very well since there are no moving charts and very few visual references needed for a good cross country flight. Third party software developers need to step up and get this done before I can recommend this "simulator" to a private pilot in training. As its stands now, X-Plane 11 out of the box is just a pretty toy.

  11. This map is a great little addon. Works great and easy installation. Now I can finally see exactly what town and city I'm flying over. Using this map with Ortho4XP, I had a cracking flight in my AirfoilLabs C172 flying from Glasgow in Scotland towards Southern England. The Lake District and the Pennines looked fantastic. This map really helped locate all the little rivers and roads.

  12. Works great for me. Simply go to the Xplane.org forum and search for 'external moving map'. Download and install. In Xplane, go to settings, then Data Output, then on line 20 (Latitude/Longitude/Altitude), click the box in the column 'Network via UDP. Enter your IP and port in the settings boxes. I had to change the IP from my device's network IP to and port from 49000 to 49003. Open the app and ensure you have the same settings. Note….for some reason, to activate the map, I had to zoom out then back in but it worked in real-time after that.

  13. I am really new to flight SIM (first take off yesterday but survived the crash on landing!!!) came across your web site. Today, it took me hardly half an hour to install and get the google map with my plane on it. It will help me to fly VFR (is that the abbreviation ?) around my area to practice. Thanks really for this good work being shared. Best wishes.

  14. avitab has been born for this. applauds to the man who did it and opensourced it. (BTW u didn't show any source information about this thing or link here. don't want to comment more…)

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