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Welcome to this updated version of my video on the misuse of the prepositional phrase ‘of the’ (this video is an updated version of the video found here https://youtu.be/sSnCAPl4Y-8).
There’s a lot more information on this video to help explain why you should avoid nominalizations.

Learn how to improve your plain English writing by thinking about the way you use prepositional phrases. ‘of the, of the, of the, etc’ is bad writing and cause the reader to really have to work hard to work out your message. Through careful redrafting and editing, you can eliminate this potential problem.

Please also see these resources:
• Michigan Bar Association article about prepositional phrases: http://goo.gl/ap2EFZ
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• about prepositions in legal writing: mind-your-prepositions.html
• possessive apostrophes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My6oGvkHnfY

In this series of videos, I explain how you can improve your writing skills by looking at different ways you can self-edit your work and communicate a clearer message.

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