Work Holding Set-Up for Lathe Turning Operations – Basic Tutorial – SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1

Work Holding Set Up for Lathe Turning Operations – Basic Tutorial – SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1

Quote from This Video:

“With this machine you’ll have all the controls you need to turn outside and inside diameters to precise dimensions. Do facing cuts, taper turning, thread-cutting operations with inch or metric threads, and bore larger, more precise holes than could be done with a drill or reamer.”

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Dave Weiss worked as the Service Manager at Smithy for over 20 years. Dave is now retired, but he still maintains his status as “The World”s Expert on Bench Top Machine Metal Tools”.

He is coming into the shop a couple days a week to put his experience on video. That way you’ll have it for your help and assistance as a Smithy Owner.

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The machine that Dave is using for demonstration purposes is the Granite MAX 1324. This lathe-mill-drill combo machine sets the standard for premium quality bench top machine tools.

Putting a combination machine tool in your shop allows you to have the capabilities of a small machine shop without sacrificing too much floor space.

The Granite 3-in-1 “big machine” features and premium quality is comparable to other larger, more expensive machine tools. PLUS, you’ll have three machines in one.

Nearly 30,000 Smithy machines are working hard every day in shops across North America. This fact let’s you know that Smithy machines do set the standard for quality.

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Granite – Quality, Precision, and Reliability Are Built-In.
Premium Bench Top Machine Tool

America’s #1 – for over 25 years.

PRECISION: Compares to more expensive tools.
BALANCE: Easy change over for different operations.
FEATURES: Pro features help you work faster.
MASS: Heavy castings add more precision.
RELIABILITY: Designed and built for a lifetime of work.

As Close As You’ll Get to American Made

1) US Developed and Designed: The Granite Machine was designed by our engineers in Ann Arbor, Michigan based on machine user requests.

2) Precision is far higher than other 3-in-1 knock-offs: All components are machined to tighter specs, bearings are much higher grade, and the basic design is initially higher precision.

3) Higher Quality Production: Smithy employees oversee the production and quality control process at our sister factory of more than 25 years. No other seller can make that claim.

4) Superior Features: No machine out there can match the speed and accuracy with which you can accomplish your machining tasks on a Granite machine. Other 3-in-1 combo tools on the market are NOT EVEN in the same category for quality as the Smithy line of machine tools.



  1. Yes, informative, and very concise. This video greatly improves basic understanding of how a lathe works, what ways work well, and what limitations it holds.

    I'm amazed though at how exact the moving support has to work with the tool in order to functions properly. I mean I understand it, but it's awesome to see it at work.

  2. All the wafflers should watch this video……clear, concise, accurate and especially no waffle just whats required. Beginners need this type of video…..well done!

  3. The one that you are most comfortable using is the best one for you. no use getting some fancy one if its too big for you and you find it hard to use.

  4. I will likely buy a granite 3 in 1 based largely on the quality of these videos.Clear, concise and densely packed with information. Of course I realize there is much more to machining that only comes with experience. The videos are great foundation in the basics.

  5. I'm trying to understand the capacity of this machine for holding shafts. If a machine has 20" between "centers," and the lathe has a through-hole, would that mean that a shaft could be"flipped around" to achieve a consistent cut on a 40" shaft?

    After watching this, the use of "dogs" would reduce the capacity of the machine if a shaft needed to be consistently machined down across its length, yes?

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