Tutorial shopping cart php cookie session

Tutorial shopping cart php cookie session

Tutorial demo php shopping cart use cookie with session:
– Get shopping cart html/css template
– Custom html/css template (2 file index.html, cart.html)
– Convert template file .html to .php
– Add jQuery lib
– Add cookie functions (set, get, delete cookie)
– Create database sample ( use array in php)
– Show list products from database sample
– Add id product to cookie
– Get cookie.
– Show list product item in shopping cart (use session)
– Show quantity use dropdown
– if you want to practice, please download resource files below:

– Full source code demo:



  1. am confused am i to change the shop.html and cart.html to shop.php and cart.php or we am to change index.html and cart.html to index.php and cart.php because you are saying different things on point number 2 and 3 plsss clarify me on that

  2. Hi, How to expire session after 5 hours? e.g. If someone buy products but they don't confirm/pay for that, so that their purchase will be canceled and stock of the products will add again.

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