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The Second Huge Wave Has Arrived!


The Second Huge Wave Has Arrived!
November 28, 2018
by Dawn Bailey

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  1. OMG…I'm kinda freaked out a little people. Now yesterday I promise to God my brain vibrated like 3 seconds and I got a little dizzy. I didn't think much of it. I went to sleep a little later after. I slept a long time. Longer than usual. I just hope my vibrations are raising.

  2. I work night shift and sleep days, I woke up at 5pm just a few hours ago, barely got any sleep, and right in that in between of awake and asleep I saw our world in a bubble and I was going back into the bubble thinking “it’s SO obvious we’re in a lower dimension hologram hijacked by other dimensional beings”. But the joy of that clarity is now gone because I’m sleepy and grumpy. I’d be thrilled with that memory if I wasn’t so tuckered out getting ready for work right now. I just knew there was a wave of energy, I usually sleep like a champ

  3. Thank you Dawn! All I can say is yes to everything. Yesterday, was very tiring and I even think I said "It's so loud"! Of course, stuff is surfacing for him and thank God for forgiveness. Ground yourself and drink loads of water. I was just listening to the astro. The energies of the winter solstice, full moon in Leo should be beautiful! It's all worth it. The rewards are coming. You may even be noticing how much faster you manifest. The year ahead will be easier. ❤️🙏🦄☮️

  4. Ok, so last night I felt vibrations on my feet and thought it was coming from my neighbor's home. Then I went to bed and felt the current again on my feet. Today I feel I'm coming down with something. I'm new to all this. I don't understand what is going on.

  5. I am comforted and encouraged.Thank you Dawn. I can feel the Schumann spikes in my brain. 3rd eyes is tingling as is crown chakra. Waves of joy or waves of despair. Love to everyone!

  6. The last energy wave i felt exhausted etc., But based on how I'm feeling today, I thought it due to shift in the weather pattern in Florida…3 days of cool weather in a row..lol, usually it's warm and sunny….

  7. Hello everyone, I'm really confused about what I should eat. I was that confused that I asked God and after 3min my Mom stoped the car in front of one of our close family member and opened the discussion about my nutrition. Wish meens I was talking about the subject I was wondering about after 3 min. I could take what my uncle's wife told me as a response but I really want to make sure I'm in the right direction. She told me that there is no way that I can get my part of protein if I don't eat animals mum told her about the vegan diet that I have been taking about 3 months now. Expressing her annoying because my ferantine(reserve in Fer) level has dropped to 4 (least expected) average 15) so she told me that I should include protein in my diet and that there is no source other then eating cheese drink milk and eggs. I told her that I would never go back to eating animals. So she insisted on getting back to milk, cheese… at least. About the eggs I told her I can't because it contains animals ADN I guess I'm confused now please if you have answers for me please let me know. Thanks

  8. I was wondering what was going on! … I lay down and closed my eyes one night and as soon as I did, I realized my third eye was wide open because I saw faces, colors, shapes, etc. Waaaay more than usual. I saw so much that I couldn't keep up with what I was seeing.

  9. Okay I’m glad I’m tapped into the collective and not imagining stuff, I’ve been having ringing in my ears for a week, exhausted then high energy waves. Brain vibrating. Feeling like I have the flu but i know i don’t its just the symptoms and in my head. Thank you

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