Simple Javascript A.I. tutorial - Part 1

Simple Javascript A.I. tutorial – Part 1

Here is a simple Javascript A.I. tutorial for beginners. You need to have basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as programming basics.

This tutorial is a starting point for people who want to implement A.I. in their projects. You are free to “steal” ideas and techniques from this 🙂

In this tutorial we will create a car with an A.I. driver, which will drive along a road avoiding obstacles. The avoiding will be made by the A.I. and not by direct programming (like using IF-statements).

In this first part we’ll create the scene and the objects needed.

More info on my website:

The code over at jsfiddle:

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  1. thank you for this video. What editor are you using and are you running a server for the files to update or just hitting refresh? your workflow is smooth and envious!

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I have got a strange question. How would one go about modifying a simple A.I like this to have the goal of getting likes on facebook posts or likes on comments? I am fascinated to see the if it could be a good social study.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for your tutorials, I haven't began them yet but I looking at the comments I think (and hope) it'll be awesome …. I was wondering if I could use JS and AI to make a chatbot (for obviously a website :-p )

  4. Idk what is wrong but it looks like that my width and height are not working with .scene, .grass and .road :/ .. can you help me ?

  5. thats it i quit ill never make a freaking ai i can make the shapes and stuff but ill never make the brain

    (edit): wow this helps alot i didnt get it that time because i didnt give you a chance and was rushing. I have many years ahead to practice and you just moved me step up. Thanks so much.

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