1. Is AWS a free service such as cloud9 was or is it just a 12-month free trial. I miss having just the standalone Cloud 9 as it worked beautifully and now Amazon has to come over and swallow it up.

  2. Thanks for the video . I do get now different page when i click cloud 9 services. With create environment option. With more info saying that AWS root login detected. Please use IAM user instead and bla bla. Creating workspace seems not easy now. I am a new AWS user. Please upload also about this if you have time . Thank u by the way.

  3. Good tutorial! I'm wondering if you can help me understand a couple things. First of all, I'm just using c9 for learning purposes. I set up a work-space and suddenly I can't access it anymore. It comes up with a message along the lines of "This is taking longer than expected. Please contact support." Still haven't gotten a response from support… So I was wondering if you had any advice on that, and also is it really necessary to setup MFA if I'm not storing anything sensitive or valuable using this service?

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