RHYTHM GUITAR: Matching Chords to Melodies

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Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question…

Q: I like to write instrumental melodies on guitar and have just recently purchased some multi-track studio software. After placing the drum loops and recording my melodies, I have been finding it extremely difficult to add in the rhythm guitar behind the melody. Could you make a video covering some ways to go and match chords to melodies? Thanks!
Duane — Houston, TX. USA

A: This question is a very popular one that I will get asked quite often. But, the answer isn’t exactly a simple one. There are not only several options available for adding chords to a melody, but there are other factors we must also consider as well. You will need to understand that adding chords to one style of music as compared to another style, may differ as to which chord types, or even how many chords are added. Plus, keep in mind, that one often overlooked factor for adding in chords is rhythmic groove. The rhythmic meter of the underlying melody will affect the style of groove, and even the chords that are used for the harmony parts. In the video I begin with some basic diatonic harmony and a substitution principle that every rhythm guitar arranger should know. Then, I move onto the neck and demonstrate several examples.

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