Responsive HTML/CSS Parallax Website From Scratch

Responsive HTML/CSS Parallax Website From Scratch




In this video we’ll learn how to design a responsive HTML and CSS parallax website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3. The website design also features a jQuery image slider and navigation that will both transform at the mobile or responsive width of the website.

Sublime Text:



  1. An hour and a half well spent! Great video. As an old HTML/PHP coder, HTML5 is kind of confusing, so this was just what I was looking for. Funny part was they kept playing ads throughout. If felt like they were suggesting I'd never get it. lol.

  2. Awesome tut Drew! Really digging the content. Just wanted to ask how to change the colour of the navigation bar. I need it in line with a client's CI. Thanks for the helpful tut.

  3. I'm not sure if your code doesn't work because some of the code you (suggest/use) has been depreciated, but after spending a good amount of time trying to track down why I cannot see the previous and next buttons or the background images, I am disappointed.

  4. I have been trying a couple of your tutorials and I like them, but I hate them too :-). The reason I haate them is not your fault, it is mine. I do all the typing and things just do not work out, because I typed something wrong and do not know enough to find the errors. Would it be possible for you to include the completed HTML and CSS files in your sample files, so I could do a file compare to see where the errors are? I would greatly appreciate it and I am sure others would too. Otherwise, I just feel very frustrated at the end of spending a couple of hours doing all the typing and not getting the correct result!!!

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