1. Conservation of energy was a working hypothesis developed by Leibnitz, as it gave much simpler mathematical solutions. His hypothesis later became a Law of Physics. Einstein explains how important Leibnitz' hypothesis became for physicists to recognise Heat as a form of Energy. He goes on to explain that it was also important for the development of his own
    famous equation equating Mass and Energy

  2. If you're travelling through a series of hills in an automobile will you conserve fuel by accelerating through the downhill then coasting through the uphill or by maintaining a constant speed limit?

    I'm trying to convince my roommate that the latter will use more fuel… but I'm not a Physician…

  3. I think that as with most of the videos in physics topics, this video is missing to address an issue that every effective presentation in physics should; To give the viewer a general approach that will help him/her to solve any problem or to answer any question in the topic. Teaching a topic with an example only, might be pleasant and easier to follow but doesn't give the student the broader and deeper knowledge and methodology required to tackle any problem and master physics for the long run.

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