PHP Tools for Visual Studio Overview

PHP Tools for Visual Studio Overview

Quick overview of PHP Tools for Visual Studio. Download at

5:00 Debugging
7:19 IntelliSense basics
8:35 Code folding
9:10 Error List, Task List
10:28 Implementing interface
11:30 HTML, CSS, JavaScript
14:15 Navigation basics
15:22 Publish
15:40 Test Explorer and PHPUnit



  1. PHP on VS is wearing diapers yet… It's contradictory spend tons of time hitting the keyboard in a VISUAL interface! Yes, I can admit that intellisense sounds good, but it's far from enough to think about VS to develop PHP apps. I think that Embarcadero would be a (bit) better option… In my personal experience, I had A LOT of issues to run Embarcadero PHP little apps properly. 

  2. Great product. While I'm using PHPStorm most of the time, I still bought PHP Tools for Visual Studio and I'm really impressed of it as it allows me to use my favorite IDE for developing PHP apps. The project is quite active and the developers working on it are cooperative to add features and fix bugs when you ask them. Keep up the good work!

  3. I just created a new PHPWeb Project and trying to run this. I am getting the error message "Specified cast is not valid". I am not sure why this error message is coming as I have knot written even a single line of code. Any Idea what is wrong here. I am using Visual Studio 2012

  4. This is very convenient, but if you want to save Chinese data into phpMySequel database. Remember change the form from ANSI to Utf-8. I spent an hour, and finally find out and solve the problem.

  5. Hey man, I am student and have Visual Studio community but I can't find php tools when I search for it in tools extensions and updates. Please help?

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