PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013 in action

PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013 in action

This is the second part of my miniseries. After installing the tools into VS 2013 and configurung it know I show shome basic usages. This cast is supported by my blog-article at (German!).



  1. Thanks for the response.
    I'm trying to build a website for a affiliate program. They said it needs to be in ASP however they sent me a plugin instruction with PHPExample and HTMLExample. The plugin also works in javascript.  I'm very confused. As you can see i"m new to the web development world. lol.

  2. I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a few days now. Very frustrating. I understand a little how to call the plugin. However I don't know how to link their database to my website. I'm trying to build a website from .  Would you know anything about that?

  3. Hello… Its me again.  I finally figure out how to build the website. However I'm having trouble on how to create the search inside my website using visual studio. Would you be able to help me with that?
    thanks again. 

  4. hello please can you help me in this topic

    how i can make a connection to mssql server database with php in visual studio 2013 i cant do it i create a db in sql server and i cant make a connection

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