PHP MYSQL Tutorials For Beginners LESSON 15:PHP Array

In this PHP and MySQL training course you’ll learn all of the major concepts that
PHP beginner developers need to know.
In this course we will learn:
1. php introduction
2. php install
3. php syntax
4. php variables
5. php echo/print
6. php data type
7. php strings
8. php constants
9. php operators
10.php if…else..elseif
11. php switch
12. php while loops
13. php loops
14. php functions
16. php arrays
17. php sorting arrays
18. php superglobals
and also learn about PHP form && PHP Advanced
MySQL Database
– MySQL connect
– MySQL Create DB
– MySQL Create Table
– MySQL Insert Data
– MySQL Get Last ID
– MySQL Insert Multiple
– MySQL prepared
– MySQL Select Data
– MySQL Delete Data
– MySQL Update Data
– MySQL Limit Data
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