Organic Drum Loops – Dance-o-bot – booty bumpin’ beats

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Whoa man, lookout the bots are here!  – there’s only one thing we can do; Dance!  That’s right folks, in order to relieve bot pressure we need to shake our booties, bump our booties, and generally try to initiate booty movement of any kind. “But calfskin?” you ask. Yes I know, calfskin is not part of our cultural EDM movement, well, until now anyways . . . somebody call the dance-pop-police, this is just not right.  It’s the 2010’s and calfskin drumset became extinct in the late 1950’s.  How would Gaga feel about this?  Does Redone think that this sound is just too funky for our pop-in-the-box norms?  Well, here at Organic Drum Loops, the consensus on this (and most matters) is to be contrary.

question:  Its two-thousand-and-X, and its kick drum driven 4-on-the-floor dance beats, what’s the kick drum of choice?

answer:  A 12×26” Ludwig & Ludwig mahogany drum from 1928 with original calfskin front and back!

Yeah baby, thats right, early-school low end boominess.  Pair that with dark hand-hammered jazzy cymbals, a tight calf snare, and some greasy-ass playing and you get what is now firmly established as DANCE-O-BOT . . .  dig it, use it, love it . . .

Included in this download:

56 loops and breaks/fills within 2 different folders (categorized by tempo)

37 corresponding multi-velocity samples

Tempos: 119, 129

5 tracks per loop (kick, snare, overhead left, overhead right, room)

791.9 MB

96 kHz 24 bit WAV

*All downloads at Organic Drum Loops are sold as multitrack WAV files only.  Unless noted otherwise, all individual loops were recorded on a minimalist drum setup with 5 microphones (ala Glyn Johns style):  kick, snare, overhead left, overhead right, and room.   The purchased download will include these 5 separate tracks for every loop giving you full control over your mix.  .

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