1. My friend Christine saw New Order when they opened for David Bowie, back in the day, anyway she loved this tune! Thinking of you Girl today on your 45th Birthday <3 Christine Farries <3 November 25, 1973 – April 14, 2016

  2. I was born in the heat death of the universe, i came back to save myself from potential dread, coldness, and mostly because i was bored and i love this kind of music

  3. Je ne suis pas encore née mais j écoute ça in utero (grossesse éléphantine 59 ans !) et ça fait des bulles dans mon liquide amniotique et. Des noeuds dans mon cordon ombilical 🤣 mais un jour, je sortirai, promis……pour voir quelqu un……..

  4. I was 17, in my 1971 Mustang coming back from work dead tired. This song came on, and I was blasting it through my cheap speakers, and felt like I was on top of the world. Nothing else mattered!

  5. I was born in Manchester up the road from factory records who mr Wilson had this band on there books along with happy Monday’s and the haçienda nightclub big up Salford little Hulton 70’s lot who are manc and proud !!!!

  6. Paul roland. Este si autorul cărții reancarnarea. Mărturii ale unor oameni care își amintesc viețile trecute.sunt surprinsă de ce muzica buna face
    Muzica actuală perfecta

  7. So sad that the original members of New Order are at each others throats. It was proven that Bernard Sumner, Stephen and Gillian Morris set up a different company on their own so that Peter hook couldn't get any earnings from it. Nasty business. I have no problem with Hooky playing old JD songs and auctioned off memorabilia. He has been accused of making money from Ian Curtis death, by Mani from Primal Scream ex stone roses. He and hooky have since made up. The guy has to make a living ffs. He got a raw deal the second he invested in the Hacienda. That's why Martin Hannet pulled out. I don't think anyone made anything from the hacienda. That's part of the insanity of the factory story. Why shouldn't Hooky keep it going? Proven in court It's not sour grapes. I'm a bit pissed with Barney and Stephen. They have known each other since their teens! I personally, couldn't do that to anyone let alone a good friend. No mates in business.

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