New Getting Started with yii2 framework – Course introduction

Getting Started with yii2 framework – Course introductionThe following video is an introduction video on yii2 framework.
This video is the first video from the series of videos around the framework.
This video is a course introduction video.

All next videos will be focused on one particular topic and I am going to cover all basic and advanced stuff like:
– forms
– models
– controllers
– databases
– caching
– logging
– rbac
and so on…

If you prefer to see one video which covers the most common features of the framework (but not in too much details), I recommend the following crash course video, where I build a minimalistic blog.

Yii2 Crash course:

Building a REST API using yii2.

Videos about Object Oriented PHP.

I will answer a few questions about the framework and then we can install it and write “Hello World”.

Questions answered in the video:
1. What is yii2 framework?
2. What advantages does it have?
3. Is it popular?
4. What are its important features?
5. What are the prerequisites to learn yii2?

Install XAMPP on windows:

Install LAMP stack on Ubuntu 19.04:

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