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This nadaswaram instrumental music album containing nadaswaram instrumental songs, nadhaswaram marriage music, nadhaswaram classical music, mallari nadaswaram entitled Mallari played by ‪Sheik Mahaboob Subhani | Kalisha Bee‬ Mahaboob
Nadhaswaram musical instrument, is a carnatic classical music instrument used in nadaswaram instrumental music for marriage, used to play nadhaswaram classical music and is the traditional tamil nadu classical music symbol
classical nadaswaram, carnatic classical music instrumental, also played in temples and in marriages wherein special nadaswaram marriage songs are played apart from carnatic classical songs, the most famous being the ketti melam nadaswaram where the kettimelam sound is considered to be very auspicious as it drowns away any negative sounds that may be heard during the ceremony.
One of the most famous exponents of Nadaswaram sheik chinna moulana nadaswaram is the Guru of this nadhaswaram duo couple.
This album Mallari Nadhswaram was released by Symphony Recording Co. in the year 1995 catalogue no. SYM CD 1090 N
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Included in this jukebox are the following tracks:
Mallari, Gnana Vinayagane, Manaviyala Kinchara, Samajavaragamana, Chinnanjiru Kiliye, Jesinathalli, Naghumomu, English Note
மல்லாரி, ஞான விநாயகனே, மன்வியால கிஞ்சரா, சாமஜவரகமணா, சின்னஞ்சிறு கிளியே, ஜெசினதல்லி, நகுமோமு, ஆங்கில நோட்