Moodle 3.0 Tutorial for Beginners – Add a Calendar Block

As the teacher of this course, you will have the ability to modify the look and feel of your course homepage to a great extent. And in this lesson, we will see how you can manipulate blocks.

Blocks in Moodle are fundamental UI units that you can add, remove and move around as you choose fit. They add different functionality to your course and also serve as navigational aids.

When I look at the course homepage, I see that I would like to add a calendar to the course. This will be a great piece of functionality – as you can then configure the calendar to show various important dates and events as pertaining to your course – to your students.

To add a calendar block, you will first have “Turn editing on” – as always.

Then we search for a special block called as the “Add a block” block. It is here at the bottom. This is a special block that is only present in the editing mode and allows you to add other blocks.

When I expand the drop down – you can see a long list of blocks that you can potentially add to the page. This is a list of blocks that are not already on the page.

In this list you can see the “Calendar” option available – because it is not already in the page – and I will select it.

When I select the calendar block the page refreshes and when it returns, I see the calendar block has been added. By default it will get added to the bottom of the page.

Now, this is not the position I had in mind for showing the calendar to my students. But not to worry, it is very easy to move the block.

I will use the Move icon present on the block and drag it to the location that I actually want the calendar to appear – that is in the upper right hand corner of the course homepage. Here, students can prominently see the calendar.

In a very similar way, you can add any other block that will add to the learning experience of the student – or will aid you in the teaching process. And just like how we moved the calendar block – exactly in the same way you can move the blocks around to get the exact configuration that you prefer.

For example, I want the “Search forums” block to be moved to slightly less prominent position. I can just drag and drop it in the desired location. Just note that it will be good for you to try this functionality a couple of times before you get a good hang of it. When you drag a block to a good position, it will snap into position – but if you drag it to an ambiguous position, then the block will jump back to it’s old position.

Finally, I will show an example of how you can remove a block. The “Recent Activity” block is something that I do not use too much and takes up real estate on the course homepage – and I will remove it. I can do that by clicking on the gear icon – and in the drop down menu I will choose “Delete”.

I will have to confirm removal separately and when I approve of the removal – I can see that homepage now no longer has the “Recent Activity” block.

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