Login and Registration page in PHP and MySQL – Part 1


In this video tutorial we are going to design and develop a website with basic login page in PHP and MySQL.
For front end designing we will create the login page in HTML and CSS.
We will also create a registration form in PHP and MySQL for users to register their details in the Database.
PHP is a open source server side scripting language which can be used along with HTML language to make the website more dynamic and add more functionalities.
MySQL is a open source RDBMS.
This video tutorials is for beginners and you will only need to have a basic knowledge of all the above mention technologies that we are going to use.
This tutorial is divided in 3 parts and in first part we will be designing all the web-pages and styling it with basic CSS attributes.
In Part 2 we will add functionality to the login and registration page using PHP programming and also perform Database connectivity with MySQL db.
In part 3 we will enhance our existing Web-application and add more HTML form fields like radio buttons and select box to the exisiting Application.
Download the Project source files here :

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