Karma Clearing Plus Planet Updates

Karma Clearing Plus Planet Updates
November 29, 2018
via Waterdragon

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  1. The energy for today is just crazy. Personally I’m going from energy surges and wanting to run as fast as I can to feeling like I am too tired to walk even a couple blocks. Every time I get it activated my heart is beating superfast but then goes back to being completely normal. Also keep vacillating between hot and cold. I can tell that I’m not sick because I feel totally fine between these activation waves.

  2. Since the full moon i can't seem to get a break. Old wounds coming up, lots of anxiety and ungroundedness. At times it feels overwhelming. Deep down i believe it will be alright but i've had moments of questioning.
    Does anyone have any suggestions/tips that may help during these challenging times. Thank you🙏

  3. Had an upheaval of explosive emotional energy that came out like a darn tornado in the midst of a tsunami! This happened end of last week and though I feel like I released most of the negativity… I still feel the pressure all over the upper chakra systems. Good to know I have something to look at thru self love.✨

  4. Great info. Small suggestion; maybe try writing out what you want to say first as it’ll help with the rhythm and pace which will help you capture your audiences attention. This will also keep you from repeating things not necessarily meant to be repeated. Moving this slowly can make for loosing your audience. Those first few seconds are crucial. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼

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