Java And MySQL – How To Insert Update Delete And Display Data In JTable [ with source code ] Part 1

how to insert update delete data from mysql database and display data into a jtable using java netbeans

Part 2:

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Part 2 :

In this java Tutorial we will see How To Insert , Update And Delete Record From MySQL Database And Display Data In JTable Using NetBeans .
Create A Class And Call It User

Methods :
– Method “getConnection” This Method Return The Connection .
– Method “getUsersList” This Method Populate An ArrayList Of User With Data From Mysql Database And Return This ArrayList .
– Method “Show_Users_In_JTable” This Method Display Data In JTable Using The ArrayList Returned By “getUsersList” .
– Method “executeSQlQuery” This Method Take Two Parameters One Is The Sql Query To Execute ( Insert, Update, Delete) In MySQL Database And The Other Is The Message To Diplay , And Refresh The JTable Data With The New Data .

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