Is PHP Dead in 2019?

Is PHP going fade away in 2019? People wonder if this old crusty web development language is going to go the way of the ActionScript, or classic ASP?

The article I mention in the video on PHP:

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  1. Hi Stef, I took your web development course on studioweb. Particularly the CSS and Javascript. It be best thing that ever happened to me as far as enlightment on the topics. I'd like to see this course updated using ES6, or a seperate course on E6. Thanks in advance.

  2. node js and python are the leaders of server side now.Especially node js due to javascript is on fire one reason react,vue,angular which are very popular and in demand.So definetelly node js will end up as the best leader in server side.Maybe php will end up like jquery!

  3. Even though PHP is trying to become a better language with new resources, in my opinion always will be the language who promotes bad practices in web development.

  4. I'm taking an internet programming course in university and we are using PHP. The professor said he has been pushing for years to replace it and it's been difficult because the entire university system teaches it. Finally, next year they are getting rid of it because they consider it outdated. I'm not certain but I think they said they'll replace it with Flask and also replace MySQL with another DB. What do you think, Stef? This is the CSU system of universities.

  5. One of my old employers ridiculed me for learning PHP about 8 years ago so Stefan making his Ruby jokes always make my day! Thank you for the great content!

  6. Loved your video entry, very entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with what you say, I 'm learning PHP at the moment and never thought I will do so but that is where the Job awaits…

  7. I don't like it when people say apps instead of dynamic websites because it's confusing. Sometimes you don't know if they're talking about an Android/iPhone app or a webpage.

  8. Stephan, please, on your next vlog can you talk a little bit about what is handlebars.js
    Is it something that you used to use when you were writing code ?

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