1. Watching at 1.25 speed and there are still 1 second gaps in the middle of sentences…
    Also a lot of repetitive thoughts, as if you're improving a presentation, which makes sense why its 17 minutes long.
    You have some good explainations otherwise, if you remake it with more condensed information, I think it'd do much better.

  2. I would suggest you should consider making the videos much shorter. Personally, I choose the shorter videos when i have to learn something. It's the normal tendency.

  3. Why is an abstract class needed?
    It doesn't make sense to code a method with no substance in one class, then code same method again in another class but with substance.

    I feel like you could have just skipped the abstract classes and the interfaces and just coded the methods right into the classes that need them.

  4. Is it possible to extend multiple classes and interfaces when creating an object? For example:
    public class Cls_ObjectWithMultipleAbstractInterfaces extends Cls_AbstractClass extends Cls_AbstractClass2 implements Int_InterfaceClass implements Int_InterfaceClass2 {}

  5. What about compile time polymorphism? The concept is not only about function overriding (as illustrated in the video), it is about function and operator overloading as well.

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