Introduce Yourself | Talk About Yourself | Ask About What Others Like | English Speaking Practice

Hello Everyone! In this video, you will learn to introduce yourself, talk about your likes and what you do. You will also learn to ask about what other people like to do. There are six examples given for you to learn English. Each sentence has an illustration to help you understand the language. This video is ideal for beginners.

Language in use:
Hello! My name is Nancy. What’s your name?
I’m a teacher. What do you do?
I like golfing. What do you like doing?
I enjoy meeting new people. Do you like meeting new people?
I like reading books. What kind of books do you like?
I’m a clown in my free time. What do you do in your free time?

This video is designed for students, teachers and anyone wanting to learn English.

My videos are vocabulary-based for conversation practice. Each video is themed to provide context for learning. To insure success, every video is designed with open slots for vocabulary substitution practice. These patterns allow students to practice on their own and teachers can have their class practice together as a group.

These videos also work great for icebreakers and class discussions.

Please have fun and speak English now!

Thank you for your kind support 🙂

Mark Kulek

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