Installing Windows 2000 on an SD Card

A fun little project I did to resurrect my old laptop.
Windows 2000 was installed on a Gateway 200ARC with a 1.40GHZ Pentium M and 2GB of RAM using an SD card as its main boot volume.

Parts used:
Secure Digital SD SDHC SDXC MMC Memory Card to IDE 2.5″ 2.5 Inch 44P 44 Pin Male Adapter Converter, SD 3.0

Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDHC10E)

Find Drivers For Older hardware (Everest):

Unofficial Windows 2000 Service Packs and update Rollups:

My personally compiled Gateway 200arc driver package for Windows 2000:
-not available, this link totally fucked my dropbox account-

Run Modern Firefox on Win2k:

Win 2k Adobe Flash Player Hack (Must use version listed):

Music Used:
BetaMaster – Alcohol 120 1.9.6
AGES – Prey 1.0 10trn
ACME – Acronis TrueImage 10kg

Also: When using this SD card adapter, try to avoid using stand by mode when using windows 2000. This can cause file corruption and windows will force a restart (and display the hilarious “Unknown Hard Error” message) and run chkdsk on bootup. This wont render the drive unbootable but should be avoided.

And no, Windows 2000 does not have TRIM support =(



  1. The reason why it doesn’t have any drivers is because it’s too new that laptop looks like it was designed for windows xp the laptops before it came with specific hardware to run it and the drivers will automatically install

  2. I run Linux in an old 4 GB SD card I had lying around (those we used in cameras remember) Xubuntu 16.04 in this case (rock solid version akin to Win7. I run all my Windows apps using Wine (windows emulator) and my whole "windows drive" only takes 50MB of space, which can be compressed down to 20MB for cloud backups. And I can load each app in its separate windows "drive" if I want to, very handy. I dare to say that I'm having better compatibility with old software than I had using Windows itself. They made everything in their hands to turn things into a complicated mess. Blessed be all the linux gurus out there. Life is so much easier now, you guys should try it. It's crazy because I don't even have Linux installed, it runs "live" from the SD card and copy all system files to small RAMdisks, this way the system is lightning fast and you increase the lifespan of your physical disks. It can see NTFS partitions too!! Did I forgot something? I think not, pretty heavy marketing over here huh… I'm just spreading the good stuff out there

  3. Just added a CF drive ( Lexar 1066 mb's ) to old asrock K8NF3-VSTA motherboard self build and my experience has been that the read times are great but the write times in certain situations takes about twice as long, I believe this is because of a lack of hard drive buffer or too little buffer. Normally a sata drive has as least 64 Gb of buffer, these cards probably have little to none because the hard drive buffer is located on the camera's motherboard, also I shortened my boot time by 17 seconds after installing the chipset drivers, now it only takes 45 sec to get to the desktop after a reboot.

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