Installing Linux Mint on Virtual Box in Windows 10

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If you can’t install a 64-bit version of Mint, please refer to the link below. The problem is you do not have CPU Visualization enabled. Just go to your settings, enable it, and restart Virtual Box. Thanks and good luck!



  1. Hi Nick, thanks for this video really easy to follow! Just some issues I ran into if you could help please for me too !

    A) My Linux Mint 17.3 is on a dvd in my dvd player and virtualbox setup – storage do not see the dvd ( see the dvd player and all files on the dvd ) how can i solve this ?

    B) In setup – network I do not see where i can configure my wireless network :O !!

  2. can't hear anything; no audio, your video is horrible also. Your not a good coach. Your actions are to quick and you do not give enough insight. I think you just like to hear yourself talk.

  3. Thanks Nick, I downloaded Virtual box and while creating a virtual machine, i am not getting option for 64bit. The step which comes at 2:43 to 2:47. I can see ubuntu(32 bit). My machine is 64bit. would it pose any problems?

  4. Ignore the negative comments, I found this video easy to follow. Tip for those that didn't, turn your volume up and use the pause button (when needed)!

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