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Huge Wave Has Arrived and We All are Going to Feel It


Huge Wave Has Arrived and We All are Going to Feel It
November 25, 2018
by Dawn Bailey

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  1. That explains it! I have been suffering from bad throat, cough, chest congestion and throwing off a lot of mucous from my sinuses since the 11/11, only from two days it has reduced a little, but still have dry cough and slight congestion!

  2. Every morning I mince garlic wait 5 min or so then eat it with a spoon of natural honey while drinking warm green tea, it has worked wonders for me fo the last 5 months. Just some friendly advice for my light brother's & sisters Peace & Blessings…

  3. My ears cloged 1st time in my life, ears pitch highest ever in 5 years 🙂 I am taking pics of Orbs & UFOS 🙂 I want to be in 8 places at ONCE 🙂 I have gluttony attack…crazy

  4. My cycle stopped completely in August 2017. I wasn't expecting that to happen for many years yet. I get super hot.. Kundalini energy.. then cold. Throat, everything you mentioned. Water weight… Ugh.. sometimes i look 6 months pregnant then the next day, I'm thin again.. this part drives me crazy.. I never know how to dress. I'll look great in the morning and enormous by afternoon. I hate running into my perfect friend who is in ideal shape.. He looks at me like I'm in need of serious help.. Ha ha.. it's so annoying! Especially when hours before I was close to perfect.. Ugh.. when will this end??!! XOXO, I Love You All Who Read This!! ^_^ ✌❤💗💙💚💜O:-)

  5. Wow this amazing and so true! I'm a Lightworker and I saw the mist it and it looked like rain, I saw no colors, but it looked like codes. I couldn't sleep 3:03AM, my head and body keeps buzzing, massive purging, bad thoughts and anxiety 😫why oh why 🦁🤔🌍🌠 so I checked Schumann and then I saw it and felt better knowing. I'm hot too in the chest.

  6. Very interesting. This explains why i go through of some experiences I've gone or going through now. Just never know until someone tells you and shows why, how and what you are experiencing. Thanks for sharing. Many Blessing.

  7. My throat scratchy sore I've never suffered from my throat what's causing it? Also still dreaming of tsunami in Ireland but was told that the sea/wave is people? Any help or guidance will be greatfuly received" thank you peace love light from Ireland X

  8. Yes dawn what is with the heavy menstrual I'm just 39 and since beginning yr my cycle gone off chart I've scratchy throat plus losing weight 🙌🙌🙌 thank you dawn love your vids 😇😌👭💪💪💪💖💞💝

  9. I went for 2 brisk walks today and my eyes were tearing profusely I'm sure others thought I was crying but I wasn't. Then later on I got my friend–I'm 52 and my cycle's right on track! My GP warned me that I should be careful as I could still very much get pregnant. I said no worries there one still needs a partner for that lol which he replied you are a very healthy specimen!!!!!!!

  10. Oh wow lol. I'm half Irish and used to love my drink. Someone gave me a glass of wine recently and I gladly accepted but after taking one sip it was like drinking turpentine. I tried a few sips to be polite but I was feeling so sick that I was relieved that someone spilled it even though it was all over me lol. So weird!

  11. This is AwêSome! I already agreed with most all body symptoms and completely resonated with that you described recently… As far as runny/stuffy nose, strange migraines & pressures, insanely hot in different areas like my forearm or back of my hand.. but then have freezing cold fingertips, my hunger was already amped up but thank goodness for the leftovers from 3 thanksgivings cause I'm constantly feeling starved! The part that gave me chills was the having 2 periods. I have an IUD and would rarely spot. This last year I started getting PMS symptoms like my pre-birth control days and I noticed heavier spotting around the full moon lasting almost 2 wks. The double spotting started on August but wasn't consistent until October~spotted once but I noticed I had random bloody noses that month. 2 days before the new moon and 4 days in a row at the full blood moon. After hearing this I checked my calendar… Spotted twice 😮 each being exactly 3 days after the new moon and the full moon!! *Chills*

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