HTML tutorial for beginners in Hindi: HTML writing platforms -HTML training videos 3 of 24 हिंदी

HTML tutorial for beginners in Hindi: HTML writing platforms -HTML training videos 3 of 24 हिंदी:
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This video demonstrates HTML writing platforms and it’s the 3rd installment in the HTML tutorial for beginners in Hindi (हिंदी) course.

Our set of advanced HTML training videos discuss more of these topics. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it has been the mother of markup languages to create baseline structure and contents for websites. HTML targets browser-based software applications for design. HTML code structure includes pair of tags. Web browsers typically read html documents and convert them into visible web elements for users. HTML closely works with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for customizing the look and feel of web contents. HTML also helps us to interpret and compose text, images and other material on web pages. No one can step into Website Design without the knowledge of HTML. HTML training and HTML tutorial videos are vastly available since it is a mandatory skill for web designers, but it has been difficult to find free HTML training videos that discuss all basic and secret recipes from scratch. Also, we often make HTML concepts sound boring and difficult. As a result, new comers may lose interest in web design from the beginning of their learning. Following video talks about some important elements of HTML:

A professional web design course often costs us a fortune. Erudeversity is committed to make it easier for everyone. Our set of HTML tutorials and free html training videos discuss basic and advanced HTML concepts from scratch and we like to keep the doors open for everyone without any fee! No matter where you come from, getting into the web design industry don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. All you need is a little bit of passion to learn web design. By the end of the HTML tutorial for beginners in Hindi course, you will become a master in basic website design. You can also practice your HTML learning in real-time on a a very useful web-based tool called W3schools. Following link has the platofrm for you to practice:

If you are a freshman in HTML coding, then following useful video from provides a good overview of how the internet works:
Few other useful resources include Jimmy Ruska and tutor4u lectures. Erudeversity has taken a totally different initiative by committing to deliver 100% free video tutorials on web, graphic, animation and business tools in different langauges including Hindi (हिंदी), Spanish (español) and Bengali (বাংলা).
Now everyone can learn the required HTML concepts including Addressing web pages, HTML writing platform, overview of notepad++, writing first line of HTML code, proclaiming headings, adding paragraphs, color and formatting, adding images to your web page, inserting background images, Adding link, creating submit forms, adding multimedia/sound on web page. We also discussed the CSS concepts for customizing the look and feel of the web pages.