How to Use Getter and Setter methods in Java using NetBeansIDE

How to use Getter and Setter functions of Data Transfer Object and Data Access Object.

1. Open NetBeansIDE

2. In a project make a class(DTO) file say ‘FileDTO’

3. In FileDTO

3.1. Here I have declared two private String type variables ‘name’ and ‘hobby’

3.2. Right click on source area in netbeans and goto

insert code..-Getter and Setter..

3.3. Choose required variables for which you want to generate Getter and Setter methods

3.4. Click Generate

4. Make another class(DAO) file say ‘FileDAO’

4.1. In this file, make a ‘static function’ & write the code for connection and query (insert, delete, update, etc)

4.2. Get values of the variables of ‘FileDTO’ by making an object and calling ‘getter’

5. Make a JFrame Form say ‘NewForm’

5.1. Add JTextFields and a JButton

5.2. For JButton Action-actionPerformed event type the code for ‘setting’ values to the
DTO variables and make a call to the function of DAO

6. Run

7. Finish


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