How to Start Writing with Loose Video Game Analogy!

The books I mentioned were “Bird By Bird”, “If You Want To Write” and “The Artist’s Way.” I know half of you will be asking in the comments instead of scrobbling back to hear it, which is really quite counterproductive because your scrobbling is WAY more efficient than posting and waiting for minutes or hours for someone to come to your rescue, but hey, it’s YouTube. Many people will also comment on my hair, whether they like/hate it, and then two or three will comment on the things in the background. I love those people the most. Keen observers will note that I missed last week’s upload, and have decided to not apologize for it in the video, GOOD FOR ME! These videos are for no one else but my fun, and if I happen to be traveling to Canada and doing amazing things I’ll talk about in my NEXT video, well, sometimes you might not get a video. That’s life and you will DEAL WITH IT OMG IM SORRY PLEASE DONT HATE ME AND STUFF. This week I watched Salem which was weird because there was a scene with nursing a frog on a thigh nipple and I was like “WTF with the majesty of this weirdness I LOVE THIS SHOW” and I watched Shield because it’s gotten super good since they made the pretty man a bad guy. Okay I have to go write my own stuff now, make sure to leave in the comments if you start writing! Which would be the act of writing. So technically everyone is doing it without my asking. So I’ll claim credit for inspiring every comment. Including the shitty ones. Word of the week then is Megalodon, which is a huge prehistoric shark that was a gajillion feet long and had seven inch teeth, and the word is close enough to megalomanic that it feels not similar to this situation at all, but i just wanted you to picture being eaten by something that fucking large. You’d be snack food, basically.