How to: Payload Functions

In this video you will learn how to use Payload Functions, change bytes, sent over The Things Network, to human readable fields.

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  1. hello everyone, can someone help me,
    i'm using a Rasbperry pi 3 and a Lora shield carte. what i'm trying to do that to send a data of sensors to a gateway the things network. so i have already connected the ultrason sensors to the raspberry pi and the Lora shield also. i dont now how can i send the values obtained by the sensors to the things of network.
    thank you

  2. nice. But just a question: you have an unit32_t data type with measurements in it. How come that you extracts highByte and lowByte and you find the values? what about the values in the second and third bytes of uint32_t?

  3. Thanks for this useful video. I've a question. I want to send data with Wisnode Rax811 node. But as I know the Wisnode can only send Hex value to the ttn network. Because of that I don't now how to configure the payload function when wisnode send Hex value to ttn. Please help

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