How to Optimize your SSD for Faster Boot Times / Read & Write Speeds

Hey Guyz! Here is a video alot of people had requested it is a great option if your still running Windows 7 / Windows 8! Even if decided or was tricked into new Windows 10 this video is also for you to get faster speeds out of your SSD at boot times. So enjoy this video and i hope this Tutorial will help you if have a bad boot and times are slower in your computer. Links are below for AS SSD Benchmark as well as AOMEI Partition Assistant. “Disclaimer” Windows 10 now has this automatically done for you so may not have to do these steps unless your SSD is acting up and Reading / Writing are alot slower instead of being alot faster in your computer also to prevent the SSD from degrading in quality over time! 😝 Like 👍 Comment 😒 Subscribe 🙌 Ninja Kitty Approved 🐱👤Hit the belll to see new videos as they drop 🤣

Credit for this video goes to Modded Warefare

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AS SSD Benchmark:

AOMEI Partition Assistant: Download the free version.

Command for Checking if Trim is Enabled: fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify