How To Make A Website From Scratch – HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Design




In this video we’ll create a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 website from scratch using nothing but a free text editor!

➢Latest Responsive Website Tutorial:

This we be a website for a fictitious massage therapy company called “Massage by Tia”. In this website we’ll use our HTML5 and CSS3 skills to create a responsive website that includes a callout section at the top of the website for a phone number which is great for small business websites, a shifting navigation that will completely transform using media queries when appears on tablets and phones, then we’ll have a two column section followed by a three column section in the body of the HTML document, then lastly we’ll have a three column footer which stands out as a different color from that of the rest of the page’s “Wrapper”.

This is a fully responsive HTML5 template which can be used for both a two column and three column layout.

23:32 CSS starts.
36:00 Nav.



  1. I'm from 2017 I searched this video just to come and thank you and subscribe, you're my master now please do more tutorial videos, BTW i made use of ATOM, my sublime text 2 and 3 having a little problem on refreshing on my browser, it just stops there and after refreshing I won't see my newly made changes so I switched to ATOM and found it interesting and cool. 😁

  2. Hi Drew! I really like your tutorials its so helpful for me personally, I've been using it in my school project. but, I've been looking for the continuation of your Dharma Yoga tutorial but I can't find it. I want to learn on how to make a responsive drop-down menu. could make one for me? i really need it. thank you so much. God speed and more power.

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