How to install Phoenix Os Roc Windows 10 EXT4 UEFI | Urdu Hindi

If you install PhoenixOs without EXT4 then Performance is decreased.
So this method reveals the actual potential of Android x86.

Watch complete video.
1. Disable Secure Boot. From System Bios By pressing F2 for Dell and Sony and F10 for Hp when System Boots.
2. Make a new Partition from Windows Disk Management atleast 10 GB.
3. Format the partition to ext4 (For Maximum Performance) by “Disk Genius”Link .
4. Assign drive letter to the ext4 formatted partition and EFI partition of WIndows 10 by “ext2fsd”Link .
5. Install the “PhoenixOs.exe” Link to the formatted ext4 Partition.
6. Extract “PhoenixOS-ROC” Link to ISO and then Extract it again, any version. Replace the files of EXT4 formatted partition with these extracted files.
7. Open “Explorer++” Link and copy intrd and kernel files and paste them in efi partition shown path in the video.
8. Edit with “notepad++” Link grub.cfg file and replace lines.
9. Reboot and Run Android Done.

Lines to replace:
menuentry “PhoenixOS ROC” {
search –set=root –file /EFI/PhoenixOS/kernel
linuxefi /EFI/PhoenixOS/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.selinux=permissive SRC=/PhoenixOS-ROC DATA=/PhoenixOS-ROC vga=788
initrdefi /EFI/PhoenixOS/initrd.img