How To Code A FUD Python Backdoor Script For Any OS

**** disclaimer YouTube and I are not responsible for the misuse of this information these videos are for educational purposes only and the channel does not support illegal activities all videos made on this channel are done with permission my own network and devices****
In this video I show you how to code a FUD backdoor in python this backdoor is password protected so its good for pentesting it also can run on any OS and even be sent via email because it will not be flagged as malware the advantages of coding your own payloads are huge most of the time if you code your own payload it will be undetectable and be able to be used on multiple operating systems all you have to do to use this script is save the file then transfer it to the targeted device either via email web server or website ftp or any other way to transfer a file from one computer to another you can use PyInstaller to make the Pyhton script into a exe file instead of a .py file then it will run on any windows device without any dependencies this script will give you a reverse shell connection when ran so you’ll have to use shell commands for the operating system your using the script on we will be learning more coding as we go on like how to code Trojan droppers and down loaders shell code making webpages etc and we will be using all types of programming languages such as C# HTML PHP Java Java Script VBS and more stay tuned for more videos and subscribe also if you change the scripts file extension to .pyw it should hide any command boxes that show up on the hacked device also you can use pyinstaller or py to exe to make the py script a exe file I qanted to keep this video simple more advanced coding videos will be coming.

“More Videos on coding and hacking with your own scripts leanring code makes you a much better hacker”

How to create a fully undetectable persistance netcat backdoor in batch.

How to create reverse shells using bash to hack linux macs unix android and even some iphones.

Code a bash persistance script for metasploits msfvenom apk which gives you a persistent connection back you kali linux box.

Create a batch script that can be used to log keys and grab passwords.

use these in the shell you gain from the payload you can do almost anything from the command prompt a.k.a cmd

cmd command prompt commands with explanation.

getinfo “get the systems full info domain and more”

netstat -a “see all active connections”

arp -a “see all saved local ip address on the network”

netsh wlan show profiles “shows saved wifis”

netsh wlan show profiles “profile name from list” key=clear shows the password for the wifi profile you picked”

shutdown -r “restart the computer”

start *and a programs name* “start a program”

start firefox “start firefox”

start firefox “opens firefox to google”

Ipconfig “get the network config for the network the target is on”

Hostname “get the host name”

Whoami “get your privilege level and user ID”

you can also use the start firefox or another browser to open a beef hooked webpage for a beef hook on the target then you can redirect them to any page you want like a metasploit exploit page or phishing page another or use a browser exploit made by metasploit to upgrade your shell to a meterpreter shell
use can also unicorn to make powershell attacks you can use these attacks to upgrade the shell from getwin to a meterpreter shell a tool like empire or S.E.T and even Veil Evasion or Phantom evasion any type of powershell attack can be ran with a cmd shell like the hatkey keylogger so be creative with it it can wven be used to turn of windows defender.

How to use unicorn.

Here are some linux shell commands
android shell commands*

Route “get the default gateway info”

ps “get the list of all process running”

ls “list the contents of current directory”

cd “change directory”

cat “see contents of a text file or file”

sh “run a bash file must have .sh extension”

no hup sh “also a way to run a bash file”

Ifconfig “get the network information of the network the device is on”

ping “send data to a ip address or host name

netstat “list network connections on that device”