Half-Life² Beta (Leak) September 2003 Storyline Full

Happy 20th Anniversary Half-Life!

This is a updated demonstration of the Half-Life² September 2003 Storyline fix. This Version contains the rest of the chapters my previous fix did not include. This fix will be included in the upcoming Half-Life 2 Beta: Mega Build by Half-Life Beta Project.

This mappack fixes all maps that were leaked with the original hl2-anon build of Half-Life 2. This pack allows you to play through the entire September 2003 storyline. There is no need to open the console as all of the level transitions have been fixed. You can start with d1_trainstation_01 and properly load through all 50 maps ending with d3_canals_02 without any crashes caused by the maps. All scripts, missing models, and level transitions were fixed. No unnessecary changes were made so it is as original as possible. All maps have proper working cubemaps, autosaves and playerstarts.

This video was recorded with a combination of LeakNet and the ANON build of Half-Life 2.
XJR9000 – Fixing all of the maps excluding the prison chapter
Витой – Fixing the maps d2_prison_01 – d2_prison_06, d3_c17_07 (bridge scene), and d3_c17_14 (working strider) and for making the custom d1_town_04 scripts/scenes and implementing the church cart scene at the end of d1_town_04 on the custom map.
Maelstrom – Fixing d2_prison_07

Download Link: https://hl2-beta.ru/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=246