GUITAR TUTORIAL – How To Record Guitars with a Tube Amp and Impulses


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Here is a video tutorial on how i record my guitar tracks

ive used my marshall JCM 2000 DSL and with this method i can crank it up and record at home with no sound from the speaker..pretty useful if you want a warm tube tone but you also want to play at home quietly maybe at night.

if you are a bedroom musician like me you will need this.

if you need help feel free to ask me in the comment section below

this tutorial was recorded with camstudio and my samsung WB550

Rendered in sony vegas 10.0

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  1. Do i need an interface for this? i already tried on my pc soundcard and, it didnt work, the amp was still playing trough the speaker and reseved no signal to my pc what so ever.

  2. let me put this to ya in a nutshell. This is so retarded if you dont care about your tone. Get it. Tube sound only comes out of the power amp speakers output, not the effects loop. duh….
    The right thing to do is order a LOADBOX. Get it…. Then your dreams will come true, ya moron.

  3. OK, you really need to catch up on this stuff. Any solid state amp can line out, no matter what the solid state amp is. But for tube, if you are following this video for tube amps. your not getting the complete knowledge for the reality of guitar sound.
    For all tube amps, you need a LOADBOX, get it…. Thats the reality.
    Just because a tube amp has an effects loop, doesnt mean your getting the tube signal ok, because your not, all your getting is the pre amp, and not the power amp. so do your home work ok

  4. Is there still a risk of damaging your amp if it is a solid state amp? If so, should I be worried about black outs or is it only an issue if I physically remove the plug from the power outlet?

  5. Great video…3 questions based on what is seen in the clip, and 1 question regarding an alternative approach:
    1. Do you need to plug in a speaker cable? You don't mention it, but I see something plugged in the speaker outputs.
    2. Do you leave the loop level button alone, or do you press it before/after a signal?
    3. Does the 1/4 inch jack in the "return" have to be unbalanced as in your video?

    4. Could you achieve a worthy recording by using a speaker simulator like a Palmer PDI-03?

  6. i've tried that on a few heads and what i get after using recorded amp signal with IR is just doesn't sound right.
    the result sounds like a cab was miced from the back. I wasn't using Di box maybe that's an issue?

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