GSM Update 11/14/18 - CaliFire - Record Snow In Texas - Record Cold - Solar Minimum Hits Main Stream

GSM Update 11/14/18 – CaliFire – Record Snow In Texas – Record Cold – Solar Minimum Hits Main Stream

Texas Sees Snow Before New York on Near-Record Cold in South
Before and after photos show how wildfire reduced Paradise, California, to ashes
Seniors and disabled people unable to save themselves are among Camp Fire victims
Camp Fire: Death toll grows to 48, Butte County requests National Guard help in search for remains
Three unusually early snows make KC weather history, and maybe predict rest of winter
Record-breaking cold predicted for Wednesday morning in San Antonio
UK weather forecast: WALL OF SNOW to smash Britain as polar blast freezes November
With Sunspot Activity Nearing Record Lows, Scientists See Bitter Winters Ahead
Extreme rainfall events wreak havoc across the Middle East
Ancient city of Petra hit by flash floods
13/11/2018 00:43 JST – Sakurajima 桜島 big eruption
Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:
NASA Scientists: Lack Of Sunspots To Bring Record Cold
Watch The Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend
NASA Brings Mars Landing, First in Six Years, to Viewers Everywhere Nov. 26

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  1. I enjoyed last nights freeze. Some snowflakes, like 3, but hey it was welcomed. I’ll take cold over 110 degree weather. Just in time because I was seriously thinking of moving to a colder place.

  2. You know, when I lived in Cali I really hated it. The people who run the state are ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!!! The happiest sight in my life was California in my rear view mirror on my way to Colorado. Now Colorado is nuts! Did you see the nut case the libtards just elected as Governor? That being said, I met a lot of wonderful normal innocent and SANE people in Cali, and I hope and pray that they are okay. Look at an election map of Colorado too. There's lots of sane people here, just not in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Aurora. We need an electoral system in Colorado.

  3. No they don’t think it’s a scam
    They just say it’s climate change. They just flip it but can’t explain why what was supposed to be hot is now cold but every single time they will look at me like I’m crazy and say it’s our fault for casing this climate change
    But they can never explain why it’s cold and snowing


  4. Diamonds I sold these telescopes you're showing for 35 years of my life.
    The refractor is for lunar planetary the big reflectors like an 8 inch dobsonian or the 8 in Schmitt cassegrain and a one that you showed does have tracking fully motorized is more for deep Sky objects like messier objects galaxies and nebulas so on
    All but the best bang for your buck is a 8 inch dobsonian you can do lunar and planetary you won't have tracking but deep sky is low power planetary is high power.

  5. It's changed, interesting. Not to alllllllude, some trees are burnt next to houses that are completely gone, and paint melted off vehicles I know paint can be flammable, but so are pine needles and wood?

  6. Thanks again for putting all the GSM news and more into one daily video. It's been amazing to see the crazy cold, snow, and even +volcanism for many months now. Knowing is like being in an exclusive club. But a lot more people are picking up what you're putting down. And that's a boom.

  7. We're about 70 miles SE of South KC MO. 44 inches ? Shut Yo Mouth 😉 Running behind, but catching up on the ORP uploads. Thanks Diamond. Fucken AL anyway…

  8. hopefully California will take trumps advice on how to stop these fires. Gov Brown is responsible for all the death and destruction. How can he sleep at night?

  9. thank you Diamond again another great update!! its so maddening to see this and the ppl displaced. prayers to everyone involved. I have been awake a long time wish others would wake too!! stay safe everyone

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