Gparted Partition Tool Live USB Boot Drive Creation And Tutorial

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Gparted Partition Tool Live USB Boot Drive Creation And Tutorial



  1. Richard I have a Mac. I've managed to get Gparted working using Parallels. I connected my hard drive to a USB external connector. What's the best method to recover the hard drive's full storage? Right now it sees only 1.8TB but it's a 4TB hard drive. Something gone wrong a few months ago with Apple's Time Machine and I can't get access to the missing storage size. I tried formating the hard drive using Windows, Linux and Mac's Disk Utility and it still has 1.8TB shown to be accessible. The reason I wanted to try Gparted in hopes to fixing the incorrect drive storage size. Your help greatly appreciated.

  2. I just recently found a 1tb hard drive out of a directv dvr from a year ago and i wanted to use it to build a gaming pc to save some money but when I try to format it with gparted the drive wont show up, only the flash drive will. Please help, Thanks.

  3. Hey Richard. Will I be able to use my USB-stick with the Gparted and Yumi and all that on it as usual or does this make it a partitioning tool only?

  4. Hi there, A very handy video…u definitely got urself a new subscriber…I wS wondering, i have ubuntu installed to dual boot with win10 on 64-bit machine then tried installing another distro but then win10 or something is blocking my installation. Today through ubuntu and gparted i shrinked win10 and created an unallocted space..can i used gparted for installing the third distro?…anothed queztion since am using 6rbit machine, can is it possible using the gparted live amd64 instead of i586…dont seem to understand their difference…thnx in advance…

  5. Great video. Thank you.
    I've a problem I facing. At 11:45 my sceen keep blinking at this point… What should I do?
    Edit: My FlashDrive was currapt. I've fix it.
    But I wanted to make the master as a slave and the slave as a master.
    Please can you guide me?
    Thank you

  6. Hell I have a micro sd card. I made 3 partitions on it for my android these are fat32, ext4 and one swap. Now I want my card back in original shape with one fat32 partition But I am unable to delete all these gparted is also not deleting these.

  7. Thank you so fkn much, i unperposly formated my linux petition and couldnt boot, so i started freaking out, other tutorials are shit… Tnx so much, god bless you

  8. After hitting three times enter my screen hangs on the last black screens, it doesn't load the gparted ui

    How do I fix that? Or do I need to wait longer?

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