Drupal 8 Theming Intro to Twig

Drupal 8 brings with it an entirely new theming layer and language: Twig. We’ll get familiar with what it is, where it came from and how it differs from the PHP arrays of Drupal’s current environment.

We’ll take a look at a Drupal 8 Twig-ified theme and examine the Twig syntax and functionality like looping and conditionals that all help us banish theme pre-processing from our workflow. The new lifecycle of a page gives us far more flexibility with how we write our themes, structure our templates and control our markup.

In honor of Morten (who is unfortunately unable to attend this year) there may be swearing. There will definitely be rabble-rousing. And there will certainly be a ‘cheers’ for All The Markup Belong To Us!

(there is a chance this session will be given by someone else, but the general gist of ‘Let’s get to know Twig’ will not change)