Drum Loops – dance beat 3 – 119 bpm

These drum loops are fresh! 25 minutes of groove for your play-along pleasure.

This drum beat, loop, backing track . . . or whatever you want to call it, is courtesy of OrganicDrumLoops.com (the sound of calfskin and grease).

If you like these beats and want to use them in your own music, than you may be interested in downloading the high resolution multitrack files. “Dance-o-bot” contains this track and many others. You can check out the Dance-o-bot audio trailer here:


Or for more details and the royalty-free download go here:


There are many other complete sets available too! Check out their audio trailers here:


Also, Organic Drum Loops has a “singles” category These wonderful little packages contain a loop, an improvisation, and multi-velocity samples. Each download is independently unique and offers everything you need to build a complete drum track. Check out those here:


*All downloads at Organic Drum Loops are sold as multitrack WAV files only. Unless noted otherwise, all individual loops were recorded on a minimalist drum setup with 5 microphones (ala Glynn Johns style): kick, snare, overhead left, overhead right, and room. The purchased download will include these 5 separate tracks for every loop giving you full control over your mix.

Visit Organic Drum Loops here: