Dodge Avenger: AIR Pump Check Valve

In a previous video ( ) I diagnosed a Dodge Avenger that had a code for the AIR Check valve being stuck, a code P2441. Indeed the valve was stuck and now it’s time for the repair. -Enjoy!

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  1. Much easier job than the crank sensor swap I did yesterday on my 99 Ram with the big 5.9! Not sure what the Chrysler engineer that designed that was thinking, but he should have been b*tch slapped, or at least made to fix every one of those that needs replaced!

  2. Could you not clean it with ERG cleaner rather than spend 90 bucks, from a tight Scotsman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 you could then spend a buck or two on new blades for your knife

  3. The Bosch Group doesn't appear to care much about it's customers. I simply requested a replacement battery cover for their latest model scan tool, and they said it isn't available separately from the unit. I continued sending several emails to different people in the company and someone finally promised to send a cover, but I never received one.

  4. The months that I got to use the Encore i thought it was odd about the chosen list as well. Dont get me started on the issues with actuator tests and the relearn problems it has. You probably remember when I asked you about it.. I couldn't turn on the fan on a 2005 Cobalt and then I had a 2008 Cobalt that I had to ID as a 2009 to do the Clutch Pedal Relearn 😑

  5. Mr O. You know darn well that those "engineers" won't add or change a single thing about that scan tool unless it makes them profit. Kudos for asking though. In 3-4 years a big wig will be like " look at how we care so much for our customers" as they roll out the latest and greatest updates people have been begging for for the past 19 years. Used to have a similar rubber mallet tap trick for Harley starter clutches. Tap tap zinggggggg

  6. Time for a new blade? Pioneer Electric just sent you a new Gerber Knife we have yet to see make an appearance! LoL Hint Hint

    Edit: Everyone here at Pioneer Electric watches your channel religiously and your videos are the main talk between us all. "Hey did you see the new SMA video?" "Hell yeah! that was pretty cool how he……" that is an every day conversation here LoL

  7. Stainless steel and aluminum are dissimilar metals and will cause galvanic corrosion. Same goes with steel, but it is less so. Unfortunately no aluminum fasteners, so you're stuck with steel.

  8. Please put your compressor outside in an insulated building it would cost around $100 to do so period here in North Carolina that's the way we do it. It's not any colder up there is it….?????. But really if you did move it outside I think you would really like it

  9. My biggest complaint about the $518 Launch Diagun IV scan tool…… didn't cost $12,000! 😅 Launch Diagun IV scan tools for all Snap-on employees, dilly dilly.

  10. Love that launch scanner. Eric if you go to the start of the launch program and go to your personal settings you can change the metric to imperial. Something like that. I found it you can find it to. Lol
    I hated seeing my diesel injector pressures in kg’s

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