1. All hail Pyscript!

    @iglor, because arguments includes all passed-in arguments, including those that are explicitly declared in the function signature. So you have to count your arguments and shift/offset accordingly. Also, unlike 'this', 'arguments' is not a reserved word, which lets people do stupid stuff, like overwrite it.

  2. Thanks for the information, great job…

    Do not make the language application dependent, most of the additions not useful. I like JavaScript it makes no assumptions, after 32 years of development I am trying to learn how to not make assumptions and I am constantly trying to simplify my code (language independent), and I use no abbrivations.

    My recommendations: “structure” “new ByteString()”
    “get function name(…)” “set function name(…)” "read" "write" "open(url-spec or file-spec)"

  3. Hey, did you read Crockford "The Good Parts"?
    JS is perfect, it's just DOM API in browsers that sucks!
    Good luck, study, study, study and then teach your colleges;)

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