Data Types in PHP – PHP Data Types – PHP Tutorial – 8

What is data types in php ?
In php variable can store different-different types of data and all data have different data types and all data types can do different things. In php there are supports many data types. The data types are:- string, integer, float, boolean, array, object and NULL.

What is string, Integer and float data types in PHP ?
1. A squence of character, is called string,
2. If can be store any text around single or double quotes.
3. Integer data type is a number, It must be non-decimal numbers.
4. It must have a one digit, integer number value can either positive or negative like (564,89745, -5485).
5. Afloat data type also called double. it is also store integer data type but it store only decimal value like (253.62, 52423.65).

What is boolean and array data type in php ?
A data type which store only two states, true and false, called boolean data type. A boolean data type store only true and false statement. A data type which can be store multiple values in a single variable that is called array data type.

What is object and null data type in php ?
php is also a object oriented programming language. we can also access value using object data type. For using object data type, we must use class keyword. Aclass is a structure, it contain process and methods. For using object data type, we must declare class. A data type which is not assigned any value, call NULL data type.

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