Clonezilla Disk Imaging And Cloning Utility Live USB Boot Disk Tutorial

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Clonezilla Disk Imaging And Cloning Utility Live USB Boot Disk Tutorial



  1. after i select "TO RAM" and press enter. my screen goes to black and no text appear on screen and allows me to continue. I've waited for quite some time now and i even tried to do it without having it go to ram. suggestions? Im using a Lenovo i5 model.

    UPDATE: i formatted my usb stick and loaded the amd version instead. its working now.

  2. Hi Richard. I'm trying to clone a drive to an image file and I was expecting to get a single file with the .iso extension. But instead I got a folder with a bunch of other files and folders in it. So now if I use clonezilla and point to that directory as the "image" directory will it rebuild my disk as a bootable disk? I have a preference for a single .iso file as I'm going to be sharing on a directory for distribution to other colleagues and I don't want anybody to mess around with the files in the directory that it gave me.

  3. I downloaded YUMI and Clonezilla i686-pae. Went to YUMI and tried to add the Clonezilla folder. Selecting OPEN opened the subfolders. I wasn't able to add the Clonezilla folder to the YUMI address as you did.

  4. Hi Richard, thank you very much for this tutorial. We follow the instructions and cloned a 320GB drive to a 500GB. Everything seems to work but there is one weird thing. The 500 disk now appears as 320, it's like 200GB just dissapeared. What could be the problem?

  5. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Just have a question. I have just had my system crash the other day that was running Lubuntu and have just got it all set back up the way i want it, I am using it as a media center. It has a 500gb hdd and the system only takes up about 20gb of space.
    When cloning the system will it only clone the 20gb?
    I have been looking at what i can do and keep reading comments from other backup software that the device i am cloning to has to be larger than the internal hdd. I am hoping to clone it to a 32gb usb stick so if it crashed again it would be relatively quick and easy to get back up and running again.

  6. Everything worked fine, until I restarted the computer the drive that I cloned does not show up on my File Explorer screen, its like its not there please advise.

  7. I tried to do disk-to-disk clone expert mode because I wanted to use all available space on a 1TB SSHD. The source disk 500GB HHD. The clone work well, but windows 10 was not able to boot from the new SSHD. Automatic repair was not successful. Nothing worked until I put back the old 500GB in the machine. It's an Intel i3 64bit Windows 10 Machine.

    Any idea why it won't boot from the new SSHD?

    Btw the old HHD has two partitions.

  8. Thank you very much for the video! I want to do a clone of my current hard drive to an old one I have that is smaller as an emergency backup. 1TB to a 500GB. Less than 500GB is used on the 1TB source drive. Will it let me do this?

  9. excellent tutorial. Really walk me through everything and I felt very confident that you weren't going to fuck me over with this tutorial. Did exactly what you said and I successfully cloned my 120GB Intel SSD C: drive to my new 1TB Silicon Power SSD which is my new main drive.

    Thanks dude!!

  10. Richard Lloyd pls tell me on the 13th minute you chose the device-device, and there was a device-image. If you select an device-image, then how can this image be used? What program to unpack and install on a new hard drive? Will the copied system be bootable?

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