Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank - How Does it Work? - Is War Thunder... Correct?

Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank – How Does it Work? – Is War Thunder… Correct?

Good afternoon ya wee bastards!

Part 1: The Challenger in War Thunder – Why is it So Bad?: 4:11
Part 2: The Challenger in Real Life – What Are its Strengths?: 11:53
Part 3: The Challenger’s Armor – How Does it Work? How Strong is it?: 16:32
Part 4: The Challenger’s Firepower: 27:39
Part 5: The Challenger in War Thunder – Let’s Fix It!: 28:59

Lanz-Odermatt Equation/Calculator:

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  1. I know the answer
    Do you know, Britain – Russia relationship worst today?
    So gaijin wanna nurf british forces
    Then… yes british gonna pain continue by Russia

  2. Just for clarification, JM33 should not be able to easily penetrate the chally's turret. 250mm at 60 degrees penetration comes around to about 500mm Los, listed as the MINIMUM LOS protection given on the Cr1s turret (yeah i know the challengers turret isnt exactly 60 degrees but its an approxomation). OFL 120 G1 should basically be the only APFSDS that goes through the challenger turret.

  3. Holds model of Challanger 1 MK3 with additional armour in arms

    "You're still a winner in my book. You're still a winner…"

    Wait the Chieftain and the Challenger were designed for foreign exports…


  4. Ya know what really annoys me? the fact that two piece ammunition is modeled incorrectly in game. the entire point is that you put the inert part (the penetrator, in this case) in the turret and then you put the explodey part in the tank where it is ostensibly better protected. Gaijin, however, was not made aware of this, so a shell impacting the "inert" ammo storage detonates it for some godawful reason. gaijoob pls fix

  5. soo… you think challenger would perform better in simulator battles than in realistic where the gameplay is more slow and usually against just the russians?

  6. 3 part ammo….shell, bag charge and vent tube. And i know of no loader who loaded in more than 7 secs, lap loading ftw. Not designed to attack enemy positions ?? You do realise HESH is mainly kept for this reason right ?

  7. The Challenger is my best tank in game for kills and deaths.

    It’s bad at WarThunder’s meta game — because it dies when caught out of position, but if you maintain position and play it to its strengths; for kills from a defensive position, it can be a real thorn in the enemy’s side.

    Let the speedy Abrams handle the caps, you find a ridge line overlooking a high traffic area and farm kills.

    It’s especially strong in Sim where Russia are the sole adversary and even before the armour was fixed they couldn’t pen the Challenger lol

    Also, I know on paper the Leo, Type 90 and AMX-40 should have no problem getting through the turret, I’ve only ever had them pen me through the breach area so I don’t think they can actually handle it as well as the protection analysis makes out.

    I haven’t even been able to test the armour from an attacker’s perspective in my own Leo 2 because Challenger’s are so rarely seen, and when they are in a game they usually die before I can shoot at one to test the armour because idiots drive them as if they’re an Abrams and die to the first thing they see.

    TLDR, it’s a bad tank in game because people want a British Abrams, and the meta around cap points doesn’t suit its defensive play style.

  8. The same effect happens with the M18(tho it is still effective due to its capabilities)
    In warthunder hellcats are well known for rushing early and dying

    Where as in reality US TD doctrine was that TDs would be called in after an enemy tank unit was encountered by allied infantry, structures or tanks. So if warthunder was more real hellcat wouldn't be seen until the middle-end of a battle, and would already know where the enemies were and how to get around them unscathed.

  9. But u r not comparing a carrier to destroyers, you are comparing an mbt to other mbts. a good tank rule to have is not to relly on ur armor, it seems u whished it had armor that the others tanks would not be able to penetrate. they are not fighting old outdated tanks from poor coutries they are fighting top of the line mbts from all the mayor powers then it makes sense that they can be penetrated. Irl we never experienced ww3 so we cant know how it is suppose to performe in real battle. Honestly koala im dissapointed in these videos. It seems everyone wants gaijin to guide their hands and help them through buffs instead of actually learning to be good with what u have. It seems If you're not seal clubbing then something is wrong.

  10. I love the idea on how to fix the chally, add on armour should be a thing defo. Off topic but I also think gajin should remove the side skirts on all the M4 tanks, just think they look silly lol and to be honest you don't really see pictures of M4s with the side skirts unless its a commonwealth one in north africa.

  11. Longest MBT to MBT direct fire kill in history? Challenger1. 5110 meters lased range. x T-62 dead. 11B (the CO's wagon) Scots DG Op Granby 1991 Southern Iraq. APFSDS.

  12. At 15.44. You may want to run that ammo type by the Gunner who fired the round. I'm sure he said it was not the DU round used. (remind me, as I remember when we first got APFSDS it was made of the same material as Sabot)

  13. Personally I would say the main issue for the challenger 1 is simply that it does what everything else in the tree does, sit back and shoot from extreme range, using cover allowing -10 degree gun ability preffered and thats really it. What the UK tree needs is more mobile vehicles, warrior helped, but it needs others because right now, british tree players are forced to take challenger tanks into action when they are not suitable.

    Also go into sim battles more, sim battles is much more effective for it.

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