EVER WONDER HOW A PUMP…PUMPS?! Ever think, I want that explained to me in a great video?! Well it might seem like a basic question and it really is! We’re going to look at the principles of pumping. How central heating systems pump, why they can go wrong and the different settings and sizes (sizing?) of pumps you can get today. I butchered some Wilo pumps I had for a job next week. Hope you enjoy! FOLLOW THE INSTAGRAM!


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  1. I think it's really important to understand how components in a system in order to fault find better. I'm a vehicle mechanic in the army at the moment and constantly get my new tradesmen to explain components and systems to me so that they know how they work otherwise they are just a fitter. Great job as ever James and you are inspiring me more and more to become a plumber when I leave in a few years.

  2. Everyone should touch James’s Bell, then you’ll get a notification when the next educational video is for you youngns, a good insite to new products for us us oldies plus a laugh and that’s what what it’s all
    About. Happy plumbing people

  3. "Whacked off… pull this off…. have a look at the bum of the body and stick my finger right up…." Even the title of this vid "central heating pump sex plained". James, I came here for deeply intellectual, philosophical and educational discourse and instead you have turned into a smutfest. Brilliant as per… and dare I say it…."keep it up!"

  4. Thanks again for taking the time to make the video. Might have been good to talked briefly about pump turbulence and air separation? I think the Willo has a purge option as well, which you mentioned in an older video you did when swapping out a pump. Loving ya work, dude! 👍 Enjoy bank holiday.

  5. What a load of mince!! Firstly it’s a circulation pump, secondly you should’ve explained it’s function – head, flow rate etc.
    Jaz dear boy this video is awful, the lighting, the camera work & more importantly, the information it contains.
    Why would a sponsor give you money? You’re like a Kids TV program presenter in shorts!!

  6. I bought the cheapest chinese ch pump you can imagine, cause back in a day, when i did my first boiler install back in 2015 i didn't know any better. Pumped fine, until hot water hit it from the boiler, and it stopped pumping. Had to put out a fire with fire extinguisher in cast iron boiler, so not to damage it. The bloody thing stopped spinning, because the impeller is just friction fit on the ceramic shaft, and hot water expanded it and made it larger and it basically stood in place while shaft was spinning. Put in a 100 euro grundfos smart pump and 3 years past, still works wonderfuly. The chinese one went outside to my small pond to circulate water, so to trap mosquito larvae, and keep water clear. Also, cause cold water, worked fine for 3 years. Moral of the story don't buy cheap pumps, it will only give you a headache.

  7. Hi m8 great videos I have been looking on YouTube for someone to explain how to do conversation from heat only boilers with cylinder and changing to combi how to go about changing pipework ect can you do something like that would be great.

  8. Excellent Heater>>>ur2.pl/1103 It instantly supplies enough hot water to fill our garden tub. The temperature control is digital, easily accessible, and LIGHTED so you can actually see it inside the closet where it is mounted. Also, the unit is flushable and cleanable which is a plus if you have hard water. I highly recommend this product.

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