Best Android Studio Navigation Drawer Tutorial (Part 2) ☎️ ANDROID PHONES

Best Android Studio Navigation Drawer Tutorial (Part 2) worked on any android phones. Please subscribe

In this part of this video, you will learn the most typical things you have to know in navigation drawer android: add views and add event handlers on the fragment. This part is all about the fragment. You can use findViewById inside the fragment. Plus, you can use ListView and add an event handler to the ListView.

Please note that this tutorial may work on your older Samsung Galaxy, LG, Oppo, Huawei, Sony or Nokia Android phones which run Android Operating Systems depended on their API version.




The navigation drawer is one of the most common use feature in Android today. It is a kind of hidden menu which lets you swipe in from the edge of the screen, usually from the left. It is necessary for a small screen device, e.g. smart phone. However, this feature was not included in the earlier version of Android. If you used to use it in Eclipse for example, then you would find the tool and code different from the one in this version in Android Studio.

In Android Studio, the navigation drawer comes with it as a template which generates necessary code. So it is your job to understand all the code and to be able to change it.

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