Autophagy and Fasting: The Mystery Explained

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Autophagy. The literal translation of this word: ‘to eat thyself.’

Autophagy is a hot topic. Yoshinori Ohsumi’s 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine converted the medical world’s previous whispers and murmurings about Autophagy and fasting into a full-blown conversation. Ohsumi discovered how our body degrades and recycles its cellular components. Autophagy for short.

Why should you care? Isn’t this a keto-focused site?

Well, it turns out ketones and autophagy are linked.

Baby Boomers: please pay attention.

You endured the most abuse from the medical establishment over the last 40 years. Before it’s too late, we in the medical establishment might have a few years to redeem some of the atrocious recommendations that your generation lived were given. The science of how your body eats itself is something you should pay attention to and master.

It may sound weird, but this process of autophagy might be the saving grace to medical advice for your era. The science of autophagy surfaced in the nick of time for Boomers.

Autophagy removes debris found inside your body’s cells. All those years of poorly fed brain cells, sleep deprived hearts, smoking in your early years, and becoming fatter than any generation before has left you with lots of crusty cells. The debris within your tissue has been there for years. If you are overweight, this debris has been around for as long as those extra pounds have insulated you. PLUS ten years.

The patients I care for all measure their numbers to help assess this. The symptoms don’t improve in a 24 hour period. They may not even improve in a 3 week period. I recommend the ratio (Glucose divided by ketones) as the way they keep track. This data was extrapolated from the GKI (Glucose Ketone Index – which has more math in it than most of my patients were willing to do.) If the ratio is less than 80 … they are in the weight loss zone.

If the numbers are less than 40 – they benefit with all the deep tissue/organ inflammation and auto-immune problems. (Leaky gut, brain fog, Crohn’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s)

If they are in the category of my mom (who had cancer of the immune system called CLL at 71) ..then I try to hit numbers less than 20.

That’s really hard.

When they reach those goals — the improvement is breathtaking. So inspiring for me and for patients to see what happens. It is not fast. But it is there.

The monitor I ask them to get is FORACARE
It’s reliable and even though the test strips are a bit more … it doesn’t take 3-4 test strips to get a result.

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